Frequently Asked Questions

and answers
Why do i need Animated Explanatory video?

This is THE best way to connect your product with your clients. When people enter a website, and there is a video ready to be played – they instantly click the Play symbol. It’s far easier and entertaining to watch a short animated video explaining what you offer.

Why should you be my video producers?

We have created over 150 animated explanatory videos and counting. Your idea comes first and stays there throughout the production process. Our devotion, discipline and dedication is what makes our clients hire use again and again. It is these 3Ds that we implement in our animated explanatory videos.

Can you make videos other and explanatory ones?

Yes, we can make videos in any branch you like – commercial, informative, training, corporate, product. Just name it, we’ll create it.

Ok, i’ll hire you. So, how does this work?

First, we talk about what you want your animated video to present. We are great listeners, so feel free to explain in detail as much as you want. Then we (or you) provide the script for the story. Once the story is complete, we move on to the Storyboard where our animators create a sketch of the important parts of the video.
When all these things are done, it’s show time. The production is in progress along with the characters, voices, music, effects, illustrations and voila – You animated explanatory video is complete.

Should i write my own script or will you do that?

We are able to create anything from scratch, scrip included. If you don’t have the time to write down the script for the video, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you.

What information should i provide you for the script?

Specific and important facts about the product you want to present. These are the foundations of a great story.

When will the script be ready?

From 12 to 24 hours. When our writer gets his “Its GO Time, dude!” notification, he means work. So, it won’t be a surprise if he gets it done in less than 6 hours.

What about the storyboard? How long will it take you?

Our brainstorming produces a lot of ideas, so creating a storyboard is not something we just scribble on a piece of paper. It will take us no longer than seven days to create a storyboard.

How much revisions am i allowed to make on the script/storyboard/voice over?

Depending on the package you purchase.

The Animation Process, how long will it take?

A minute video will take us up to 14 days to create it. The longer the video, the longer the animation process.

Will i get mails regularly on how the video production is progressing?

Yes. We have checkpoints (like in racing) when we inform our customer of our progress. We don’t leave everything for “the last minute”, so these mail-checkpoints are our Benchmarks of discipline.

Can i contact you via Skype or any other audio communication throughout the process?

Yes, but please write us before we make an audio connection. We want to be fully dedicated to our conversation and not working on something else in the background.

How many language versions of the video can you make?

We can make only one language versions of the video. Additional charges will apply if you like the video to be adjusted in another language. But do not worry, that would be just symbolic amount.

Can i hire you if i have limited budget for the video?

Yes. No matter how short your budget is, we’ll give it our full dedication.

Can i cancel the order in mid-production?

Yes, but you will be charged for the work that’s been done. Fees will be calculated according to the stage that the project is.

In what formats do you deliver animated video?

The final product can be delivered in any video file that you could request. Most common is to deliver a MP4 file in FULL HD resolution suitable to upload on any video platform

Can i make revisions on the completed video once its delivered?

Yes, we allow revisions of the completed video depending on your chosen package.