We are a team of modern samurais with ties that create animated explanatory videos. If you want to connect with your clients in the most effective way possible, we are the warriors for the job.

You want a video that can explain how to sell a fridge to an Eskimo?! – No problem!
We can even summarize the entire Samurai History in a one minute explanatory video.
As warriors,we are known for our patience and precision. Communication is key to our work, so we are open for every challenge there is. Over 700 minutes of animations are created in our workshop for over 100 of clients. Each month the number of clients grows in both new and former.
The quality of work we implement in our product is genuine, which makes your request our mission – tell your story with a video to anybody that visits your website. 90 seconds of animated explanatory video is not only capable of creating an interest in the consumer, but also, bringing them back again. We use verities of styles to create a video
and our horizons keep expanding.

If you decide to work with us, we’ll work with and for you. The source of our energy, inspiration and fields for request are everlasting. Client satisfaction is guaranteed as many keep coming back for new videos.


how we work

A written story always survives the grasp of Time. There is a Writer Samurai in our clan capable of turning your idea into writing. He is able to transform any story into words of wisdom, words of wit, and most important – into “snappy” words . . .

This is the place where words come to life. No word is left behind, as every letter finds its place in the visual representation of our Sketch Master Samurai. The pencil is his Katana which delivers the draft of your animated explanatory video . . .

It is time to get to work. We craft your video with the same patience and dedication as we crafting our samurai swords. Words and Sketches combine together to give life of your initial idea and share it with the world . . .

The video is complete and the Samurai warriors deliver the final product- your animated explanatory video. Our samurais are grateful for your cooperation and they would love to see you back to their workshop any time you please . . .



So you finally decided to strengthen up your position in the mighty jungle.
Welcome to our workshop! Feel free to choose your type of weapon.

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 F . A . Q .

and answers

So you are wondering how development process goes, how much time it takes
and how our samurais are taking care of your weapon?
Open the door and enter in our questions room to get your answers.

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Our famous workshop is located deep in the forests of Macedonia. Only the true warriors will be able to easily rich us.

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