Why explainer videos are so important in social media!?

12 Jan Why explainer videos are so important in social media!?

Why explainer videos are so important in social media!?

Social media is one of today’s most used channels to reach audience. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are just few of those channels which allow us to advertise a product or a service. The cost effective part comes up as the animated explainer videos can deliver complex message in fun and engaging way, it can be viewed on any mobile device and they are extremely easy to measure.


You’ll have to put some attention on and optimize your YouTube videos for your search engine optimization with some thoughtful description and unique title. Adding few links from your website to the description will be a potential lead to your product or service.

Not to forget that launching an awesome animated explainer can go viral trough these platforms in a second. Sweet mixture of visuals and story is the perfect match for social media appearance.
Considering the amount of video content shared and viewed on Facebook and Twitter, which is expressed in billions of plays on daily base, your story has potential to be seen and heard from millions of people around the globe. And one of the best things to consider is that your animated video boosts the organic reach of your marketing strategy.

Boost your visual experience and share your story to the world! Take it from yourself when scrolling through the social networks, where do you make a stop!?

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