How To Choose Your Explainer Video?

21 Mar How To Choose Your Explainer Video?

How To Choose Your Explainer Video

There are various kinds of explainer videos available in today’s market. Every video differs from one another and suitable for use on several products, services or companies. If you want to consider using explainer videos to market your services or products, you should make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the kinds of explainer videos to choose the best one that would represent your needs or interests.


Your purpose as an advertiser must not be to make any marketing videos but instead come up with a killer explainer video that will be a darling for your targeted audience. It’s also the best way to use this to advertise your brand effectively. But, before you start and hire professionals to do the job, you should be knowledgeable of the different kinds of explainer videos and their difference.

You should have a solid understanding of the different techniques and styles used by every type of explainer video. Your hired professionals should also know those things to ensure that they fully understand what you need and pick the best explainer that will suit for your unique requirements. In addition to that, you must also know the service or product you want to advertise and determine your target market.

Some of the common kinds of explainer videos you can take for consideration for your business needs are:

  • 2D Motion Graphics Animation

It is commonly used when explaining complicated products. It uses 2D graphics for the creation of explainer vide.

  • 2D Character Animation

It’s a famous animation style, which blends both scenes and character. This is created in a 2D space.

  • Whiteboard Animation

It’s one of the most popular and best kinds of explainer videos. It is recommended for providing detailed explanations regarding a service or products. More often than not, it involves black and white illustrations that are demonstrated on whiteboard.

  • 3D Animation

It’s a pricey type of explainer videos that offers topnotch quality graphics to achieve endless possibilities. It is used for commercial products by big firms.

  • Screen Cast

It involves audio narration, which uses the screen in illustrating examples of what’s being explained. This is perfect for people who want to explain some video tutorials.

  • Live Action

This kind of explainer video involves real camera recording of people who will be include in the video while explaining how the service or product will benefit its audience.

Those are just some of the types of explainer videos you can find in today’s market. If you want your company to set apart from others, it’s best to choose an explainer video that will match on your needs and will spread the word about your business or products in a unique yet enjoyable way. Through this, you can be assured that all your consumers will remember your business effectively. If you’re having a hard time choosing an explainer video, just consult a professional explainer video company that has been in the industry for several years and known for their expertise as they can help you reach all your goals.

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