Why explainer videos have bigger impact on the audience?

05 Dec Why explainer videos have bigger impact on the audience?

Why explainer videos have bigger impact on the audience?

 Nowadays almost everyone has seen one, heard of one or read about one; the latest and one of the most effective tools in internet marketing, commonly known as explainer videos. Explainer videos consist of an animated video that runs for a minute or two that would market and describe your product, service or brand. They are quickly becoming one of the most favored tools of internet marketing, because they have a bigger impact on the audience as compared to just text posts or images, but why is that so? Why do explainer videos have such a big impact on the audience?


It’s quite simple actually; in today’s world it seems that everybody is pressed for time, so anybody who has something to say on the internet, has very little time to do it in, as he/she would lose the audience. For example, a person visits a website of a brand and that website is text heavy, that person would be annoyed because now he has to go through a lot of text to go where he wants and that will take time and effort. On the other hand, if that website had an animated explainer video that was a minute or minute and a half long that highlights all the important points necessary, anyone who watches that 2D animated explainer video will be left with a great impression of the brand, because he saved time and effort.

In addition to being time saving, explainer videos are more visually appealing to your audience. Because it is found in numerous studies, that people retain more information through the use of visual and verbal cues. So, combine time saving with more easily retainable information and the end result is really close to being the perfect pitch. That means that the message being sent out on the internet has a 100{5b89f3ce2a5272fa4d3bfd2cf309154dd7bd8aa0a50a6f1e892a0eacdc1ef43e} success rate. Not only that, web pages featuring videos on their home pages have a 41{5b89f3ce2a5272fa4d3bfd2cf309154dd7bd8aa0a50a6f1e892a0eacdc1ef43e} more chance of showing up on Google’s 1st page. Not only that, animated explainers are easily shareable.

Last but not the least, explainer videos are straight to the point, and that means that there is no unnecessary information that will only distract and annoy the audience. It is also observed that users are twice as likely to use a product if it was described using a explainer video. And since explainer videos are mostly animated, that means that you’re content has no age restriction, and people of all ages will enjoy them. We grow up watching cartoons, that is the first source of entertainment we get in our lives, so when we watch similar content like in an explainer video, when we’ve grown up, it appeals to us because our mind is still interpreting that animation as a source of entertainment. In that way, it causes the message that is being broadcasted through that medium to stick with us better. Combine all of these aforementioned points and you end with the reasons why explainer videos have such a bigger impact on the audiences.

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