Why the Explainer Video is Useful For Your Webinar?

16 Feb Why the Explainer Video is Useful For Your Webinar?

Why the Explainer Video is Useful For Your Webinar?

Try to go online and all you will see are words, words, words and even more words.

However, the human brain has been hardwired to detect motion. That is why it is not a big surprise that video sites like YouTube is the second most popular search engine and ranks third out of all social media platforms.  It is because of the rise of videos that even webinars of web-based seminars have taken on the use of explainer videos.  But, the million dollar question now is, how can an explainer video take your webinar to the next level?

Explainer Videos Make Use of Motion to Inform and Entertain at the Same Time

Yes, webinars are mostly to inform and educate. However, it is not a secret that the usual conferences can get a bit boring every now and then if your viewers will only see you talking and talking the whole time. This is where an explainer video comes in very handy. The creative and imaginative use of moving objects put in a visual format followed by the entertaining overview of the what, why and who of your business can separate a good webinar from a trite one.


Good Explainer Video Combines Animation with Live Action

Animation is both entertaining and fun and the best thing is that you can also add your personal touch, the sense of human connection. Great explainer videos can couple illustrations, animation and graphics with an actor who will be able to personalize the what, who and why of your business.

Explainer Videos Provoke or Evoke Emotions

One extremely engaging method which makes great explainer videos is to establish a meaningful and thoughtful visual story with characters which evoke emotions in your audience. With such videos, you can ensure that your viewers will instantly feel the emotions that you want them to feel during your webinar.

Explainer Videos Influence Viewers to Use or Buy a Service or Product

Maybe you are conducting a webinar to convince people to use your service or buy a product. People may not yet have an immediate need for your specific service or product but after they watch your visual presentation, they might buy your product on impulse because the video made them want it all of a sudden. They could get the product or service for themselves or they may want to give it as a gift to a loved one or friend. No matter what their purpose might be, you can expect explainer videos to do the sales talk on your behalf.

Explainer Videos Establish Authority and Existence

Through explainer videos, you can better showcase your expertise in the subject or field. Videos are a great way for you to let your viewers see your service or product in action. You can also share more knowledge and details which will make both your explainer video and your webinar unforgettable among your viewers.

If you want to have the most successful webinars, harness the full power of explainer videos and see the difference they can make.

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